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BerkeleyDB (0.26) *****

This is a solid, well-written interface to a solid, well-written database. My application exercises the module fairly extensively including using multiple, simultaneous database environments, memory pools, secondary indexes, transactions, transaction checkpointing, log management, table removal and the Berkeley DB's hot recovery method. And it all just works. Plus Paul Marquess and Keith Bostic of SleepyCat monitor the BerkeleyDB news group answering quickly and authoritatively questions about the db and its interface. Awesome.

Thanks for such excellent work,

Net-Server-POP3proxy (0.1) *****

This module has worked beautifully for me. I am using it to pull email from 3 POP3 accounts to pass them through SpamAssassin and I have yet to experience even the smallest glitch. It's been running as a Windows service for almost a week straight now and it's as solid as a rock.

Thanks for a great module,