Reviews by Marc


Modern-Perl (1.03) *****

What a great idea this is! :)

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.36) *****

Thank you very much for this great tool! It really saved my day. I was searching for a long time for a decent pod2html converter - and there is so much crap out there. This tool creates really nice looking HTML pages, a good index page with search capability and also does crawl through my project directory recursively... Almost perfect!

While installing POD::ProjectDocs I had an issue with Syntax::Highlight::Universal, which did not compile on my Linux (Slackware slamd64 12). Fortunately everything seems to run without it. Would be great if the Author could remove this dependency because it seems that Syntax::Highlight::Universal does not compile on many systems and the Author does not care about open bugs for more than 3 years.

Geo-IP (1.30) ***

Thanks for this wonderful module. It would be really great if you could do dependency checks on the underlying C libraries to make sure it does not break in the installation process. At least a big printed warning/message would be helpful and save a lot of peoples time :)

Acme-Shukugawa-Atom (0.00001) *****

This module is sooo great! It does exactly what I always wanted to do!