Reviews by Moritz Onken


Data-DPath (0.47) *****

This is a terrific module and can come in very handy. On the other hand, it is terribly slow. It took half a second to build breadcrumbs on a tree-like structure, three levels deep with around 25 nodes.
It might be faster to translate the data structure to an xml document and use xquery directly. But then again you lose the perl specific filters.

== Update ==
The author spend a tremendous amount of time to fix the performance issue and there is no reason to not give this module a 5 star rating!

Bash-Completion-Plugins-cpanm (0.0.1)

Hi Steven,

I ran across the same problem, but you can still install local files by prefixing the filename with ./


Template-Alloy (1.016) *****

I use TT::Alloy for all my projects. The author is very responsive and the module is well maintained. It comes without the limitations of TT (e.g. not being able to define the context) but still compatible and even faster.

Check out the new AUTO_FILTER routine which encodes all variables using a given filter like "html". Makes your website so much safer and your template code stays clean from all the filter calls.

Test-Aggregate (0.364) *****

This is an amazing module which speeds up your test suite enormously especially if you are testing a heavy catalyst app with a big DBIC schema.

One test which uses Test::MockTime failed though. Loading Test::MockTime before Test::Aggregate::Nested fixed it and MockTime did what it was supposed to.

WebService-CRUST (0.7) ****

This is a very useful module. I tried REST::Client but it didn't fit my needs because it couldn't handle Cookies and passing POST parameters required yet another module. The Interface is very nice and I love the way you can call any remote method via an object method.

One minor drawback: the module lacks tests. There is only one test to load the module, which even fails on many systems.

FormValidator-LazyWay (0.07) *

So, yet another form validator. Nice...

I don't see why there is a need for yet another form validator. You obviously don't care if anyone uses this module because the documentation isn't written in english. So why did you put it on the cpan in the first place?

I cannot believe that this module brings any new features to the breed of form validators. Or that any of the existing form validators could not have been extended to fit your needs. And since the documentation is not readable for me, I'll never know.

MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.21) *****

Very useful extension to moose. Should IMHO be part of Moose itself!

One minor problem: You need to provide a hashref to "provides". If your method names match the names from this module you end up with a hash like
{ push => 'push', pop => 'pop', ... }

Being able to pass an arrayref would be great (like "handles")!

Net-SSH-Perl (1.34) **

Try to avoid this module. It is very hard to install properly. There are alternatives out there which are much easier to install.

JavaScript-Beautifier (0.09) *****

Great work! Thanks. I used your module to extend TextMate (an editor for Mac OS X):

DBIx-Class-TimeStamp (0.07) ****

Very nice module. Easy to use, does what it says.

A lot of failing tests, though. Therefore only 4 of 5 stars.

Catalyst-Plugin-FirePHP (0.01_03) *****

I love this plugin. It makes developing and debugging with catalyst so much easier because you do not need to switch between console and browser all the time.

Especially if you are using firebug already this plugin is a must!

Hash-Flatten (1.16) *****

Very nice Module. Does exactly what you would expect.


XML-SAX (0.16) *****

Very usefull module. I managed to process 4GB of XML data without any problems.