Reviews by Lubomir Rintel


Net-Amazon-S3 (0.59) *

This is a seriously bloated module, with an unbelievably Java-ish dependency chain. A real nightmare. Avoid.

OpenOffice-UNO (0.07) ****

Overally works just fine for us.

We do use this module to drive LibreOffice to convert generated spreadsheets to PDF in an automated manner, processing thousands to tens of thousands document each day.

I maintain a package with this module in Fedora distribution, we tend to link it against the LibreOffice we ship, which tends to be the latest one.

The UNO library is rather fragile, crashing at each opportunity (teardown upon shutdown, concurrent access, too fast access, ...). By the way, the test suite currently makes LibreOffice in Fedora 20 snapshot crash... The bindings are decent though, I haven't seen a crash that could be traced to a problem with this module yet.

libwww-perl (6.04) *****

This is by far the sanest HTTP client implementation I happened to come by. Makes simple things easy, yet leaves you in control.

It's surprising how many clients don't even understand response code classes (is_success, is_redirect, is_error, ...) don't grok Encoding headers or implement subrequests after redirects or authentication sanely. This one does very well.

Since a couple of versions ago it implements, in addition to common synchronous interface, callback-oriented API that's handy for handling streaming responses.

Existence of this module alone is a good case for using Perl to implement a Web client.