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Mail-Sender-Easy (v0.0.5) *****

This module is drop dead simple to use and you can have it working immediately using the documentation examples. Now that we're being told not to use MIME::Lite, there are a handful of modules that offer to replace it. Unfortunately, without naming names, these replacements lack ease of use and require more code than MIME::Lite did. Mail::Sender::Easy gets us back to where we want to be-- very simple, yet powerful emailing with support for attachments of all kinds, and HTML email.

IPC-Run (0.92) *****

The core Perl documentation for IPC::Open3 mentions this module as a better alternative to IPC, specifically with the inherent deadlock issues that prevent reliable use of IPC::Open3. This module is a gem when you need IPC in production applications where potential lockups would otherwise be a very serious problem. I'm so glad we have this alternative to IPC::Open3. IPC::Run works very easily just following the examples right out of the synopsis in its documentation.

Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer (0.18) *****

Great tool. It has a few quirks, such as hanging for a while if you provide a directory it can't resolve or a directory full of pod files rather than an individual file. BUT! It's really helpful. This is the kind of thing you need to let you review your pod before pushing a distro up to the CPAN and later finding out that your POD needed more review than what you gave it in raw text form. Seeing it in rendered HTML makes the experience for you match the experience of your end user who is probably reading the HTML version after a google search on your module. My thanks to the author!

CPAN-Meta (2.120921) *****

It's clear that a lot of time, effort, and genius went into this. The documentation coverage is fantastic. We all benefit from standards like those set forth here, and providing these standards gives the CPAN community a reference point against which we can compare the compliance and utility of our own distributions. Good work, and thank you.

Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-LocalBrew (0.04) *****

Really great CPAN dist. If you've installed several Perls via perlbrew and you want to automate your testing across all those Perls, this dzil plugin does the job. The documentation could be more thorough. I'd like to see a troubleshooting section with suggestions on how to handle common problems so you don't have to hand edit the generated LocalBrew tests and comment out "close STDERR" just to find out why a given brew test is failing. Perhaps the interface could "save up" any error messages and spit them out when done, like Test::NoWarnings?

5 stars for usefulness and enhanced testing efficiency!

Scalar-List-Utils (1.27) *****

Must say that the "blessed()" method is in and of itself worth the use of the entire package... and the package is *fast*. I don't feel uncomfortable at all in making use of it in my other code. It's very lightweight and the methods (such as blessed()) are a huge fastball of usefulness.

Dist-Zilla-App-Command-cover (1.101001) *****

Very helpful. Thanks for your contribution.

LWP-Curl (0.10) *****

GREAT module. Best of the curl modules IMO. Used it for some middleware at my fortune100 company, and everybody is happy.

Template-Plugin-Filter-Minify-JavaScript-XS (0.92) *****

Great contribution. Just what I needed. Adds a very professional touch to production code. Great work.

Time-modules (2006.0814) *****

All I can say is, thank you for this module. It's a wonderful contribution. Thank you, thank you.

Module-Refresh (0.13) *****

Huge step above Module::Reload (which is a broken relic).

This module does exactly what you'd expect, as long as you use it correctly. Using it correctly would be easier if the documentation had ore examples of actual use, or a clearer synopsis:

"At the top of your program:

use Module::Refresh;

"Any time you want to refresh your module you MUST:


"$module must be a path to the actual .pm module file! It must be relative to a path in @INC"

I give this module a high overall rating.

Catalyst-Engine-Embeddable (0.000002) ****

Documentation? What documentation? I had to read source code for this and a few other modules on CPAN that use it, google around, try code iteration after iteration wasting hours of time just finding out how to use this module.

What's more, the one code snippet provided doesn't even compile. I've seldom been so happy to get a module working, but I've never been so frustrated in doing so.

If I ever have time, I'll contribute to the documentation. For what it's worth, the things you really need to know to get the code working:

### In your external daemon/script: ###

use strict;
use warnings;
use HTTP::Request;
use MyCatalystApp;

my $response;
my $request = HTTP::Request->new('GET', '/');
my $app = MyCatalystApp->new();
my $status = $app->handle_request($request, \$response);

print $response->content;

### And now in your primary catalyst application module ($APP_ROOT/lib/ #####
use parent qw/ Catalyst /;

$ENV{CATALYST_ENGINE} = 'Embeddable';

require Catalyst::Engine::Embeddable;

I hope this module will continue to be maintained and be of great use to the many programmers who need to provide non-http message passing interfaces to their catalyst applications.

Test-WWW-Mechanize (1.24)

Thanks for this wonderful module!

DBIx-Class (0.08108) *****

Very high learning curve. Painful to learn. Incredibly helpful and surpassingly easy to use once you've learned its interface. This is a can't-live-without module that will go down in Perl history as one of the greats. My hat is off to its author, contributors, and community.

CGI-FormBuilder (3.0501) *****

Excellent. I couldn't be more pleased. Very efficient, especially once you get the syntax down for template files. A++