Reviews by Leo Charre


Google-Search (0.023) *****

I needed to pull up search results via the command line. There are a lot of distros on cpan about getting google search results. I tried a few and they were frustrating, to be giggly about it.
This module in turn- works wonderfully.
If you're looking for code to get google search results, I encourage you to try out Google::Search.

Sys-Filesystem (1.23) ***

This has been useful to me for working with mounts and detecting filesystem stuff.
The API is a little convoluted. But I am glad this module at least is here. Very useful.

Metadata (0.24) *****

This is a nice interface to a metadata structure. Makes it very easy to add your way of what you are storing and about what. I suggest this for anybody interested in working with metadata.
Where you store the data (outside the object) and how is out of scope here- and this is well done.

CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward (1.06) ****

Can save you needless http requests! Basically switch runmodes right in the middle of a runmode, if you want. Make the runtime environment act as if the runmode had been something else. Not for everybody- maybe if your cgiapp is getting heavy, might help some speed issues for the end user.

CGI-Application-Plugin-Stream (2.10) *****

Pretty much takes care of the header and mime stuff to the client browser when you want to allow a download. This is really a convenient module to use in a download type runmode, please check it out.

CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode (0.16) *****

This is a nice module. I think it helps with CGI::Application novices. It's a nice alternate way to add_callback() (in import) for adding runmodes.
I still use this module from time to time. Interesting use of attributes. Wonderfully documented.

WWW-Bugzilla3 (0.71) ****

This is an interesting module, does some cool things to get bug reports out of Bugzilla. The problem is the documentation is half assed and follows no perlish convention. Very sad to see that- this is a great module.

excel2txt (0.04) ****

This does something hackish. It turns an excel spreadsheet doc into flat text files.
You tell it what the source doc is, optionally what the output dir to spit out the text files to- that *will* be created.
One dot txt file is created for each table.

This is a pretty cool script- not much config options- but if you need to for example, index roughly what is in a bunch of excel files and just need some kind of idea what's in it- this is pretty cool.