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DBIx-Chart (0.01) *****

As with the author's DBD::Chart, this is an excellent module. Imaginative use of a db driver to produce a wide variety of excellent, clear graphs.

It would be nice if the excellent documentation with appear's on the author's site appeared in POD with the module. Still, the examples file that are distributed are highly-illustrative.

DBD-Chart (0.80) *****

A great idea, a great way of thinkig about charts, a great interface, great output - shame the docs are not inline but on a website.

This guy should get a medal.


IO-Tokenized (0.04) **

Looks good but the POD refers to functions that do not exist, and I cannot get the module to actually work.

Graph (0.20101) ***

The docs could do with being fleshed out a little...:)

ParseLex (2.15) **

All in French? Couldn't there be an English version too?

ThousandWords (ThousandWords_0.05) *****

A GREAT module - you have to try it....