Reviews by Lee Aylward


AnyEvent-DBI (2.2) *****

This module has performed well for me over the last 2 years of use. To rate this module based on a personal dispute with the author is dishonest and should not be allowed. Please rate modules based on the criteria listed on the ratings site (Documentation, Interface, Ease of Use, Overall.) On these points the AnyEvent::DBI is a great piece of software.

Devel-Size (0.74) *****

This has been a great module for a long time. There were a few longstanding issues, but I am very happy to see that they have recently been fixed and new development is continuing. Awesome!

Jemplate (0.22) *****

This module saves so much time if you are doing a mixture of perl and javascript development. Only develop your templates once and then you can re-use them for Ajax-y type page updates.