Reviews by Jack Downes


Net-HL7 (0.76) ****

This is a very useful distribution for manipulating HL7 message, testing my Mirth servers, creating messages to be sent to Meditech, whatever. I use it both in production and in testing.

Win32-GUI (1.06) *****

Fantastic! I'm using this in a hospital environment with a common perl out on a file share (zip drive strawberry), and it's handling a lot of common tasks for us. Win32::GUI is fantastic - I was going to use WX, but this turned out to be just plain easy to use.

thanks for the great software!

App-cpanoutdated (0.14) *****

Found this to be a perfect method of handling all the updates on my system. Works very well with Catalyst and DBIC cpan modules - handles the Moose deps perfectly.

thanks for this excellent work!