Reviews by William McKee


Net-Address-Ethernet (1.096) *****

This package worked immediately and with only a few non-core dependencies unlike other packages that can do local machine lookup. The ability to get an array of all active interfaces is very useful.

Net-Domain-ExpireDate (0.25) *****

Super easy to use. I was able to write a domain name expiration reminder script in 30 minutes using this module. Thanks!

Petal (2.02) *****

I've been using this templating engine since its inception and have been very pleased with both the TAL syntax (which makes my templates more readable) and the features that Jean-Michel has included (template compilation, disk & memory caching, support for including external documents & templates, i18n support, and more).

If you're still looking for the template solution that is best for your environment, I highly recommend giving this option a try.

Bryar (2.3) *****

An excellent blogging tool that is super easy to setup and use. Very similar in concept to Blosxom but with cleaner code design (nothing against Blosxom; Bryar has had the advantage of copying a good example). Documentation needs some work including better examples of use.

Data-FormValidator (3.14) *****

This module has provided my clients with more secure web applications and saved me hours of extra effort in building custom validation routines. It is easy to use and easy to customise. Initially, I was turned off at having to setup profiles for each form; now, though, I find these profiles very helpful in being sure that my scripts are properly handling each field on the form. The integration with CGI::Application (via CGI::Application:ValidateRM) makes it even easier to integrate with my applications based on CGI::Application.