Reviews by Knut Behrends


Google-Search (0.028) ****

Easy to use, but v0.028 (from 2012) has not been upgraded for two years, and Google changes APIs slightly every so often. So now, in Feb 2014, this module is beginning to show its age.

The Web Search Code-sample still works, but the Suggest/Autocomplete codesample from the perldoc-documentation returns an empty response from Google.

MooseX-MethodPrivate (0.1.2)

The code for this Module is very short ( the source code fits on a single 19 inch screen... look at it at the cpan website), however, it is still a nuisance to install this module. It uses Module::Install, and this module and its testscripts drag in another whole lot of (unnecessary?) dependencies. When Module::Build is done, MooseX-MethodPrivate is still marked as dirty to the cpan shell, and I had to leave the cpan shell, run perl Makefile.PL make - make test - make install in the .cpan/build directory). These problems are secondary, not related to the module itself, but installing it took me so long I do not want give it a rating.

Test-DatabaseRow (1.04) ****

I found that the module does not always construct a SQL WHERE clause properly. Integers are quoted (where age = '23') although they should not be (where age = 23). With quoted ints the sql call fails on sybase. Tested with DBD::Sybase, (version 0.90 with freetds-based client libraries on linux and the 1.09 sybase-based client libraries on solaris).

The source code is quite easy to read and understand, so, in the file, I changed the last lines of the _build_select() method

# proper value, quote it properly
push @conditions, "$field $oper " . $args{dbh}->quote($value);

# proper value, quote it properly
if ($value =~ /^$RE{num}{real}/){

push @conditions, "$field $oper " . $value;
} else {

push @conditions, "$field $oper " . $args{dbh}->quote($value);

Not sure if this is the right place to submit code like this, but it may not even a bug in the first place - just a misconfiguration on my side.