Reviews by Kent Cowgill


Test-TAP-HTMLMatrix (0.09) *****

I really like the output this produces, especially all the extras that go into it with mouseovers and everything. It's really pretty awesome. It's nice to have a web page you can point your managers to for measurable progress.

Perl-Critic (1.071) *****

I'm spefically reviewing the documentation and utilities for becoming a Policy developer.

The documentation is clear and concise, and gets a budding Policy writer up to speed in short order.

Further, the testing utilities make adding additional test cases for policies under development are really cool too - the format of the /run tests takes a little getting used to - but once that's under your belt, the tests flow off your fingers faster than you could've manually only updated your test plan.

Array-PAT (1.0.0) *

This is a horrible module. Some of the functions only work by coincidence - for instance array_merge() starts with my( @arr1, @arr2 ) = @_; and then attempts to iterate over @arr2. Guess what, there's nothing in @arr2 - because the arrays already got merged in the first line! The rest of the function is a no-op. The fact that the function exists at all demonstrates a severe lack of understanding of very basic concepts in Perl.

This module should be removed from CPAN.

package (0.0019) *

This is silly. Top level package names that aren't exceptionally useful are bad enough, but to call it 'package' is stupifyingly idiotic.