Reviews by Jozef Kutej


App-Pod2CpanHtml (0.02)

It is also possible to preview CPAN HTML using service, that allows uploading .pm files.

String-isUTF8 (0.01)

Re: What is the difference between utf8::is_utf8?

$flag = utf8::is_utf8(STRING)

(Since Perl 5.8.1) Test whether STRING is in UTF-8 internally. Functionally the same as Encode::is_utf8().

* man perlapi

Returns true if first "len" bytes of the given string form a valid UTF-8 string, false otherwise. Note that 'a valid UTF-8 string' does not mean 'a string that contains code points above 0x7F encoded in UTF-8' because a valid ASCII string is a valid UTF-8 string.

Module-CPANTS-Analyse (0.82) *****

I this it's a handy tool to have an overview if the modules of the CPAN author is not missing something.

The usage is (together with Module-CPANTS-ProcessCPAN and Module-CPANTS-Site) straightforward, just visit -

For sure it's doesn't deserver to have one-star rating.

It will be nice if it will be linked with like the other tools are, but works good as it is and it helps to raise the Kwalitee of CPAN.

Locale-SubCountry (1.41) ****

Nice to have those data in the shared place (CPAN).

Just note that it takes 1.82MB of memory to load this module. For the production use it's better to have the data in the database.

From the code point of view it will be better if Kim would not use the super globale space - $:: to store the (sub)country information.

CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.33) *****

Really cool! I like the idea of having offline copy of cpan modules using CPAN::Mini and the CPAN::Mini::Webserver is fast and just what you need when you want to "" offline.

DateTime-Format-Oracle (0.05) *****

DBD::Oracle uses ENV also and it's the Oracle client "style". It's good module. Play nice together with DateTime::Format::Pg and DateTime::Format::MySQL to be used by DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI->datetime_parser and DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTime.