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Memoize (1.01) *****

This is a great module. This is the sort of plumbing code that shows up all over the place and would be better abstracted off into a library.

The one nit I have about this module is that I can't associate it with a function with an attribute. I dislike having to immediately follow my function definition with a BEGIN { memoize( '...' ) } call. That should have been just a sub :memoize { ... } declaration instead.

Joshua b. Jore - 2004-08-20T10:04:24 (permalink)

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AppConfig-Std (1.07) ***

This was my first experience with AppConfig::Std but as-is, the built in functionality is just stellar. I love being able to designate a file with some defaults, have parameter parsing handled, *and* have it delegate all the -version, -help, -doc, stuff.

Joshua b. Jore - 2004-08-20T09:35:31 (permalink)

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Devel-Pointer (1.00) *****

A wicked cool module and a great way to do round trips through the B module.

Perl 5.8.1 introduced an object_2svref method and Devel::Pointer::PP exploits that to do the same thing as this module except only in core perl.

Joshua b. Jore - 2003-09-04T14:06:07 (permalink)

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