Reviews by Paul Miller


DateTime (0.60) ****

I like the way this is going, but right now it's way too spread out. It needs a cookbook or something. Like the XML modules, this one seems to require reading 10,000 pods to try to find everything you need.

While some things seem to fit together well, others don't. The ::Format tree seems to be somewhat random in invocation and I find I need 5 if blocks and 3 eval {} sections to do what some of the more venerable date and time modules can do in one line.

Still, this is clearly the future of datetimes in perl.

Text-TabularDisplay (1.22) *****

I wasted about an hour trying to get ---+---- tables with Text::Table before I found this. Thanks!!

Text-Table (1.114) **

This module would be amazing and perfect if it had internal support and documentation for the ----+---- tables instead of simply alluding to it.

The only way to really get them going is to use something like this:

Since the author knows this layout is "popular" why isn't there internal support for building the tables the way people hope?

In the mean time, I'll just use Text::TabularDisplay I guess.

Date-Manip (6.07) **

This was one of my favorite modules, but the 6.x release is a huge step backwards. I'm going to have to use 5.54 forever I guess. Requiring 5.10 is going to lock quite a few people out, especially in large enterprise environments where it's already difficult to deploy CPAN stuff. It's sad really... but I still see a lot of perl5.6 out there.

Statistics-Basic (1.6001)

(I've made code changes and doc changes for all these reviews. Thanks for the feedback you guys.)

Data-Dump (1.08) *****

I don't know how a such a venerable module like Data::Dumper continues to get this stuff so wrong. It seems this module is a pretty darn good idea.