Reviews by Jakub Klapiński


Mojolicious (3.47) *****

Mojolicious is very simple web framework. It's just pure old perl without any magic under the hood. Yes, it has no dependencies but that doesn't mean you can't use cpan modules in your projects. It's not an anti-cpan as some people call it. Many plugins using external modules exist, creating new ones is also very easy. It's easy to install and doesn't force you to use any module. For example you may use Moose, Mouse or Moo for oop, DBIx::Class or Rose::DB::Object as orm, TT or Xslate as templates engine instead of the default one - they all will work. Community is very friendly and helpful, on it's wiki you may find many examples of real world applications. Documentation is good, source code is really clean and with many tests, so even if you can't find an answer in the documentation, you'll find it in tests.