Reviews by Ivor Williams


File-Wildcard (0.07)

This module has had some major modifications since Nadim wrote his original review, and I have addressed most of his concerns. My main email address quoted on CPAN is still deliberately blocked owing to the volumes of spam it was receiving. However, the email address quoted in the documentation will work, as will IVORW (at)

Apache-ImageMagick (2.0b7) ****

Nice extension for Apache. Avoid the need to have special scaling scripts for images, or for using "dumbnails" - scaling in the user's browser.

You just have a mod-perl enabled Apache, install this module, add a few lines to httpd.conf and hey presto!

Then you can just add extra qualifiers to your image URL, RESTful style, and Apache will do the necessary - scaling, annotation, anything ImageMagick can do. It's slow first time the URL is called up, as it's got to do the image processing, but the results are cached,

I've not tried the scripting capabilities yet, but these also look powerful.

Documentation could do with a glossary, and links to website are broken, which doesn't help.