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XML-XMLWriter (0.1) ****

A nice and simple module that help to simplify writeing XML-documents.

It save you from having to spell the tags twice (a frequent source of errors for me), and checks that the structure is correct (tags are nested and closed etc).

A nice feature is that you can query whether you are inside a given tag - saving you from having to keep track of it yourself.

Spreadsheet-WriteExcel (2.04) *****

A *VERY* nice module for those of us who are forced to create Excel spreadsheets but want to avoid Win32

Sys-CpuLoad (0.03) **

It shows great promise, but needs some more work (as stated in the TODO section), especially in regard to OS'es that don't have the 'getloadavg' systemcall - ie HPUX, Tru64,...

Sys-Load (0.2) **

This module is probably very handy *IF* you have the right OS.

It requires the existence of the '/proc/uptime' pseudo-file and a 'getloadavg' function, without noting it in the README, or testing for it in Makefile.PL.

The test suite only tests that the module can be loaded, not that anything perform correctly.

DBD-Ingres (0.39) ****

If you use the Ingres RDBMs and Perl, then this is a *MUST*.

The docs are not too good, and could do with some work. It leaks memory like a sieve, but it does work.

The maintainer is nice, but awfully slow to implement patches sent to him, but he *does try* at least.

DBD::Ingres / DBD-Ingres (0.39) *****

Just one of the best modules! But of course I am biased - I wrote it ;-)