Reviews by Lester Hightower


Win32-Console-ANSI (1.06) *****

Works very well and as advertised, with a few caveats that turned out to be easy to work around.

Nums2Words (1.13) *****

Disclosure: I am the author of the Lingua::EN::Nums2Words module and I rated it a 5 just to try to average out the one review from Mr. Martin that was rescinded after the 1.13 release, but that is still marked as a 1-star.

It also may be worth reading this nice article on modules that do this type of work, from Neil Bowers:

Term-ShellUI (0.86) *****

This is a great package for building high quality CLI programs quickly and easily. As an example, I built kpcli (KeePass CLI) with it over a long weekend: