Reviews by hdp


Class-Bind (0.2) *

This seems like a really wordy way of writing

my $bind = sub { $object->method($_[0], $_[1]) };

What is the extra syntax (and the possibility of passing in a method from the wrong class) gaining you?

(Also, "Class::" seems like the wrong place for this kind of functionality; most things under Class:: relate to class construction.)

MooseX-MethodAttributes (0.12)

This is a perfectly reasonable interface to code attributes inside the Moose metaprotocol. However, since I haven't actually used it (just code that uses it), I won't give it a numeric rating.

Dear Pista Palo: while you're at it, also rate POE 1 star for being more code than "while (1) {}", rate Template::Toolkit 1 star for being more code than sprintf, and rate DBI 1 star for being more code than `mysql -e "select * from mytable" mydb`.

Test-TAP (0.02)

Neither. A little quick on the draw there?

Lexical-Persistence (0.97) *****

I wrote this module, then realized that Rocco had already written it with better docs and interface than I had thought of. This is like a happy marriage between PadWalker and Devel::LexAlias, with lots of fiddly bits already taken care of for you.