Reviews by Cory Watson


WebService-Solr (0.08) *****

I've only chosen to give the docs and interface a 4 because I haven't needed them extensively.

In implementing Data::SearchEngine::Solr and using this module for $work, I'm prepared to pay it the highest compliment I know of for a library: I barely noticed I was using it.

The flexibility of using a simple hash to manage the options to be sent to Solr mean there's no API mismatch between Solr's documentation and it's usage in this module. Anyone who is familiar with Solr (or who is learning it as I am) can quickly apply their knowledge here.

Great module, bricas++.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *****

Before a performance of his latest talk the next night, I convinced Yuval to sit down with me and discuss what his mother would've thought of him releasing this module. Yuval, near tears had this to say:

"Some people take some time off, but I don't guess I did."

Nuff said. Now onto the performance...