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PPI (0.829) *****

It just rox! We need that a long time ago!

HDB (1.0) *****

Is easy to post a bad review of a new module without test it! I just released it 1 hour ago and the user below post that! Well, this will just avoid other users to test and improve a module.

Remember that a review is based in the documentation, interface, ease of use and overall. So, when you try to vote on that, vote based in what the module really have, and not just because this is another module for that or because you don't like the name.

DBD-SQLite (0.29) *****

DBD::SQlite rox! With it you can have a nice and well working DB without nothing extra, unless Perl and DBI.

Well, the 0.29 version works very well, and for now we can see that it's stable in different OS, what includes Win32, Linux and FreeBSD.

Safe-Hole (0.08) *****

Good job! For who really understand how a Safe compartment works, and want to do hard things this will help a lot!

The best thing is that it's stable, and compiles in many OS (Win32, Linux, FreeBSD...)

XML-Smart (1.4) *****

An intuitive way to use/produce XML.

Object-MultiType (0.03) *****

You just can make your object work like any data type in Perl at the same time: SCALAR, ARRAY, HASH, CODE and GLOB. Soo you can have an object that works like a socket (<$object>), but also can have keys ($object->{foo}), and can work like a scalar ("$object") or can be a tied HASH. All in the same object.

Is just crazy!

WWW-Mechanize (0.60) *****

Forgot IO::Socket and LWP to get pages, I just have used both to much! Well, WWW::Mechanize have a more intuitive way to work with the pages, like a real browser, and it works with SSL (HTTPS)!

Perl6-Classes (0.22) ***

Is a interesting way to create Classes in Perl, since you can use a more popular style, like the Java classes.

But it doesn't work very well, specially on Perl-5.6.1, since is very easy to make a code that crash it.

Wx (0.17) *****

wxPerl bring to Perl the best GUI library, wxWindows, where you can make fast and portable applications. If you use Tk you must try this.

I giv 5 in documentation, since you use the wxWindows docs, not Wx POD, to do everything.

The best way to start with Wx (wxPerl) is going to the wxPerl home:

Net-Server (0.85) *****

Is just the best and easiest way to make servers on Perl. Forgot IO::Socket, IO::Select and fork(), just use Net::Server. ;-P

Wx-ActiveX (0.05) *****

All the ActiveX working with Perl ;-P
(Now working with Win32::OLE)