Reviews by G. Allen Morris III


Test-Exit (0.03) ****

This is a very handy package for testing scripts.

Module-Install (1.00) ****

I had been using Module::Build, but Module::Install is much handier to use.

Net-OpenID-Consumer (1.03) **

It would be great if it worked.

Test-More-UTF8 (0.02) ***

A very handy module. I just wish it did not require ex::lib to build.

Module-Build (0.2808) ****

I create all my packages using this package.

It could be better documented and be easier to extend, but for the most part it is wonderful.

Module-Changes (0.05) **

After installing modules for 10 minutes I gave up.

Devel-CheckLib (0.2) ****

Now here is a very useful module.

IPC-Open3-Simple (0.04) ****

The API this package uses is very nice.

Email-MIME-CreateHTML (1.026) **

I just could not bring my self to load all of the Dependacies for this package.

File-Policy (1.005) ***

Maybe I just don't see the point.

Test-Warn (0.08) *****

I used to not test warnings. And they made my test output ugly. With this package those problems are gone. Now I test warnings and have beautifully clean test output.

Test-XML (0.07) ****

I have found this to be a very handy tool to test code that outputs XML. The fact that element order is ignored can be a problem though.

Date-Calc (5.4) *****

This module is fast to load and easy to use.

I normally inherit Date::Calc::Object into a wrapper.

Params-Validate (0.88) *****

This package saves me a lot of time debugging. When I am forced to change the API of a method I can find out what breaks much faster.