Reviews by Florian Helmberger


Mojolicious-Plugin-MailException (0.04) *****

Very useful and appreciated plugin which does exactly what it advertises.

Cache-Cache (1.03) *****

I use this great module mainly for handling session based data in mod_perl applications and can highly recommend it!

YAML (0.35) *****

Simple yet powerful.

I use it for configuration files, as a serializer, for test definitions and as a drop in replacement for Data::Dumper.

Has a few problems while dumping some data structures through (but it is able to dump data structures containing Apache::Request objects (where Data::Dumper fails)).

Anyway, YAML is one of the modules I install first on any new system :)

YAML-Active (1.00) *****

Great module, very useful if you've complex test cases.

DBD-Pg (1.31) *****

Great module, at last with named bind parameters.