Reviews by Firmicus


XML-Pastor (1.0.3)

Well, this looks quite promising but the current version (1.0.3) seems to be still alpha-quality. A bunch of patches that solve important bugs to v1.0.3 are on RT <;. Despite having applied all of them, XML::Pastor still dies with cryptic error messages when parsing perfectly valid schema files. I'll leave it at that for now, but I might have a second look in 6 months...

Redland (

The distribution on CPAN is long outdated and does not compile at all. I finally managed to get it by downloading and building it against version 1.0.8 of redland (the latest version is 1.0.9 but the bindings for it are not available yet). Either Redland should be updated on CPAN or else completely removed, otherwise other people will waste their time trying to install it.