Reviews by Pär Karlsson


Mojolicious (5.62) *****

Mojolicious makes it easy to start a project, to continue developing a project, and to maintain it after it is finished.

It has great debugging and testing facilites, and if you want to build a RESTful web service, Mojolicious gives you a RESTful architechture to begin with.

And you can mix and match Mojolicious with other modules if you want to or need to without any problems, even though it might not be immediately obvious to a beginner how a preforked server - hypnotoad for instance - differs from a single process dispatch architecture - morbo for instance, which might trip you up if you need communication between various sessions, or want to share database handles, etc.

Works well with DBIx::Class too, which makes it ideal for rapid AND well structured web development projects.

All in all, one of the best (most useful) web frameworks around.