Reviews by Fjodor Fedov


TV-Mediathek (0.03) *****

I've always hated the gui-interface of the java-mediathek (slow, ugly, clumsy and java) and I was delighted to find this module. Although the commandline client and the docs (config file!) could use some polishing I use it whenever I interact with one of the featured media-repos.

Email-Fingerprint (0.44) *****

I had no trouble at all installing this module. It works as advertised. The only thing I would improve: It would be nice if there was a script included that takes a maildir as its argument and list all duplicate emails - I think this is a common usecase for this module. Of course it ist trivial to implement this, but hosting such a script as a standalone application would bring more people to use it (an Perl) for the task.

App-get_flash_videos (1.24) *****

I just wandted to download a video from Arte+7. After fiddling around for a while I searched google and found rtmpdump. Then I searched for the correct way to use it with the Arte page, when suddenly an idea entered my head: Why not look on cpan. And - tada! - I found this module, installed it with cpanp, typed "get_flash_videos $PAGEURL" and I had the desired videofile on my harddisk. That was easy! A really cool module.

App-perlmv (0.37) *****

I really love App-perlmv. Compared to the old File::Rename it has some sensible improvements - e. g. you can store snippets of code you repeatedly use.

Template-Plugin-PwithBR (0.04) *****

This may be simple, but it's exactly, what I was looking for