Reviews by Fayland Lam


LWP-Protocol-Net-Curl (0.011) *****

works like a charm.

I was querying one https web with WWW::Mechanize+IO::Socket::SSL and it is super slow.
but with one line use LWP::Protocol::Net::Curl; ALL my problem is gone.

happy day. Thanks very much.

JSON-XS (2.32) *****

iit's a very good module. and I like it. thanks for the sharing.

Posterous (0.01)

I think you should rename it as Net::Posterous or WWW::Posterous or WebService::Posterous. those name are much better.


WWW-Contact (0.22)

well, frankly as the author, I'm not rating it.

for the Hotmail issue, you should post a ticket in RT. it's fixed in 0.21

and for Moose, I think it's not an issue, it's really very popular nowadays. I use it in lots of projects.

Thanks for your rating anyway.