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Template-Plugin-Tooltip (0.03) ****

This is a nice modul, I have moved it into our framework right as I found out it existed.

However, my problem is that it assumes that you use in a case-insensitive way. Not everyone does that, and if one doesn't, none of the examples work as you have to write Tooltip(...) instead of tooltip(...) This is not trivial to found out, I had to look at the source to figure that one out... I would recommend that the author fix this (either in the docs or in the source).

Some more docs would also be nice. Why not just copy the possible settings from the Tooltip website? Now I have to look at 3 different docs (Template::Plugin::Tooltip, HTML::Tooltip::Javascript and to use this module.

So basically two more hours of work would make this module a high five :-))

Template-Toolkit (2.14) *****

I wish all modules on CPAN were as superb as the Temlate-Toolkit. Easy to use, yet extremely powerful and extendable. One can build a whole framework around it in hours which can beat most similar, "modern" systems such as JSP. Start using it and you will never want to use any other templating systems!

High fives!

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) ****

DBD-mysqlPP saved my *ss at a host where mod_perl dumped code when using DBD::mysql, so thumbs up! Nice work! I love everything that is pure perl anyway ;-)

However, I do not give this module a 5 because of one problem (because of which I *had**to* patch my version of : you cannot specify unix_socket when creating a connection. I really don't know why it was left out... it's nice that this "feature" is documented, but that is not an excuse :-))