Reviews by Emanuele Zeppieri


Data-TreeDumper (0.33) *****

I've not extensively used it yet, but this module seems to offer a great visual improvement over the Data::Dumper output.
Also, the documentation is very complete and the examples are relevant.

Consider however that this module does not emit valid Perl code, so the return value can't be eval-ed to get back a copy of the original data structure. So it's aimed solely at debugging/visualization purposes.

The author seems to be extremely kind and responsive too: he corrected a (minor) glitch in Makefile.PL (in version 0.32) and posted a new version in just a couple of hours after the report.

Chart-Clicker (1.4.0) *****

Though I can agree that in this case the name is not the most appropriate, no module should be rated only (or mainly) because of its name.

This module has a sane interface, and permits to produce extremely beautiful charts, as you can see here:

Being a young project, Chart::Clicker does not offer yet the same variety of charts produced by GD::Graph*, but the quality of the output is already far superior, thanks to the rendering library used (Cairo -- I welcome this project mainly because of this, being Cairo one of the best graphics libraries available, yet used only by few CPAN graphics distros).
To the author: please, keep the examples there ;-)
And thank you for your valuable work.

HTML-Detoxifier (0.02) *****

Nice module, it works very well, as well as HTML::Scrubber (both are way more accurate than HTML::Strip).
Contrary to HTML::Scrubber, it offers a functional interface instead of an OO interface. HTML::Scrubber also permits a finer grain control over the tags to allow/disallow, while this module groups them by category (though most of the times this is perfectly appropriate, sufficient and even easier to deal with).

HTML-Scrubber (0.08) *****

Very nice module.
It works very well and it is immensely more accurate in recognizing HTML tags than HTML::Strip.
The documentation could be a little bit clearer though.
Another thing that I would like to have, is the possibility to switch the HTML entities encoding off.

HTML-GenerateUtil (1.07) *****

One of the best HTML tags generation library to my knowledge.
Very clever, simple and consistent API.
Very fast too (though speed is obtained with resort to C code).

Class-DBI-Plugin-HTML (0.9) ****

This module can be considered as a minimalist CRUD (or BREAD) web application that you can set up and use in no time, thanks to its clever defaults.
It could be a really useful module, but it unfortunately uses Class::DBI::Pager, which prevents it from being used in any serious context.
So why this high rating? Both to stress the great potential of this module and to encourage its author to switch from Class::DBI::Pager to Class::DBI::Plugin::Pager ASAP.

CGI-FormBuilder (3.0501) *****

This module meets any need a programmer can have with web forms: it renders the form offering a very fine control on the output, it validates the user data (even in javascript,) it automatically generates a feedback to the user and it facilitates the language localization.
Its interface is simple and clean, and it permits a perfect integration with HTML::Template, Template Toolkit and Text::Template.
Furthermore its author always welcomes the users feedback and he's always ready to enhance this module.

SQL-Abstract-Limit (0.01) *****

This is one of the smartest and most complete attempts to handle the limit/offset clauses in a DB server-agnostic way.
It makes one of the best SQL abstraction modules (SQL::Abstract) even better.