Reviews by DuvNY


GraphViz2 (2.03)

At the time of this review, 98% of CPAN testers report non-success. It's a shame there is no alternative interface to Graphviz on CPAN. Instead of interfacing to Graphviz via the "dot" command-line program, this really deserves an XS binding to the C libraries.

Lingua-EN-GivenNames (1.00) *

It's one thing to provide an interface to scrape the data from a site. It's another thing to actually distribute a copy of the unaltered, copyrighted pages from that site on CPAN.

Also, the interface is poorly designed. It forces the use of an SQLite database even though this small amount of data would better be served from an in-memory data-structure like a simple hash.

With (1.01) *

A pragma already exists on CPAN called 'with', so this module will cause confusion or even havoc on case-insensitive filesystems.

Lingua-Metadata (0.002) *

The function actually contains no real logic, as the author has instead hosted the logic as a webservice of his control (and it's not open source). It makes a web request for each call, so it useless for all but trivial cases, though it does at least cache responses. This should either be documented or it should be renamed into the WebService namespace so people are not misled.

TOBYINK-PerlX-A (0.000_001) *

shameless self-promotion

unix2dos (0.02) *

useless noob-ware.

Underscore (0.01) *

This should be under the Acme namespace.

Also, there is already a preexisting module called 'underscore' and since case-sensitive filesystems are not unpopular, that should be taken into account when naming a module. An OSX user, for example, cannot install both underscore and Underscore.

Reddit (0.30) *

This shouldn't have been placed under a top-level namespace. The author already was using WWW::Reddit. If changing namespace for pedantic reasons, it should have been placed under the WebService namespace.

AnyEvent-Net-Curl-Queued (0.012) **

benchmarks are seriously flawed

Bing-Search (1.111270) **

Compared to Google::Search, the API doesn't seem to be as easy to use.