Reviews by Jonathan Scott Duff


Parallel-ForkManager (0.7.9) *****

The interface is clear and simple and easy to use. And the module Just Works. I use it and I recommend others to use it as well.

Net-SSH (0.08) ****

Simple. Direct. Easy. I like it.

perl (5.8.0) *****

Perl is one of the few tools I've used constantly since I learned it over 10 years ago. Its uses are many and varied. With each new version, documentation is added or clarified and new features are added that allow perl to be used in an ever-widening array of situations. Perl 5.8.0 is great! I highly recommend it to anyone.

POE (0.27) ****

POE is awesome and seems especially useful on win32 systems.

PDL-2.4.0 (PDL-2.4.0) *****

PDL is a must-have for numerical computation in perl.