Reviews by Dean Serenevy


HTML-FormFu (0.09003) ****

Module works well and is flexible. It works great for the simple direct CRUD cases (used together with HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC) and also for dynamically generated forms. The mutability of the form object allows building up and modifying a form in nice ways. Custom elements, inflators, and deflators are easy (had to get rid of that 3-field date element - yuck).

Would love to see links or examples for JavaScript handling of repeatable blocks.

I'm on my first project using this module, and have been using it for a couple weeks, so am still in the "new user" category. I chose this module over various others because it inspired confidence that it was flexible enough to do what I needed (and it is/does). I gave a "4" rating based on new user experience - it all works, but a lot of trial and error was involved. Documentation and interface are not entirely intuitive to me. New users should expect some learning curve. I have not yet run into significant limitations in design (and I don't expect any). Most things seem documented, but not always in the first place I look - also, I did need to peek at tests and source code a couple times for proper understanding.

Conclusion: Simple things are simple, hard things are possible, and much less HTML in my templates.