Reviews by dtikhonov


FFI-Platypus (0.41) *****

FFI::Platypus is an excellent module: It is easy to use due to wonderful documentation, which includes plenty of examples as well as several in-depth discussions. And, most importantly, it works!

App-SVN-Bisect (1.1) *****

This is a very useful module which saved me hours. It is now firmly in my arsenal: I use svn-bisect both interactively and in scripts.

Sub-Recursive (0.03) *****

Small, simple, easy-to-use module that solved my problem in seconds. Thank you!

Term-ShellUI (0.85) *****

Harnessing the power of readline library made super-easy! This module probably saved me days of work, and even then I don't think I would have come up with something as comprehensive. The documentation is great and the examples make sense.

I had a working prototype of my program ready in 30 minutes. Thank you!

XML-Tidy (1.2.54HJnFa) *****

This module does a great job cleaning up XML and making it look pretty (or tidy, if you will). This comes in super-handy when you generate XML using templates instead of the usual XML::Simple or XML::Writer libraries. Now the consumers of my web services can't tell the difference.

Data-Phrasebook (0.26) *****

This module allowed me to take a bunch of SQL statements littering my code and put them in a separate file. This is great for several reasons a) now I don't have to look at a mix of Perl and SQL; b) all the queries are in a single place, so I can just send them to DBAs for review; c) I just love saying "oh yeah, this piece of code uses the 'phrasebook' pattern" :)

As for the module itself: the documentation is clear, the implementation is bug free (so far), and the examples are relevant.

Thumbs up!

CharsetDetector (1.0.0) *****

While does not look fancy, this module does its job well -- better than Encode::Detect for my test scripts. Thumbs up!

Pod-WSDL (0.04) *****

Pod::WSDL makes creating WSDL files extremely easy. An added bonus is that WSDL can be generated on-the-fly (instead of serving it as a static file), so any modifications you make in your SOAP Perl module are reflected without having to update other files.

Overall, I found the documentation clear enough, the APIs simple, and the output correct. From now on, this module is in my arsenal of Perl tools.

Thanks, Tarek Ahmed!

Perl-Tags (0.23) *****

What a great module! Makes using tags in Perl seamless. If before you were too lazy to use tags for Perl, now you have no excuse whatsoever!