Reviews by Douglas Wilson


XML-Compile-SOAP-WSA (0.12) *****

Works great. Took a minute to work out how to use it, but found that all that was required was the 'use <library>' statement, 'XML::Compile::SOAP::WSA->new( version => '0.9' );' to enable the library, and then put a wsa_MessageID in the header of your SOAP calls.

Net-CIDR-Lite (0.21)

Since Null0 reports a bug in this forum (please use RT next time), I'll answer it in the this forum. Not a bug. That's what every Makefile I've ever seen generates (at least on Unix), and it looks like the extra left curly belongs there when I look at the whole line. On the Windows Makefiles's I've looked at there's also parens around the whole line. Maybe you need an update of something. I don't know.

Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple (1.04) *****

Simple and straightforward to use. Don't understand other reviewer's comment about spreadsheet name, it's mentioned in the docs (you first want the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel sheet object...from there go look at the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel docs).

Rcs-Agent (1.05) ****

You could just use rcs commands directly, but this wraps the commands into a more perlish interface, and makes things neater, more maintainable, and more convenient IMHO. One bug in the RT queue for version 1.05 needs to taken care of, but manual patch is easy.

Shell-POSIX-Select (0.05) ****

On Windows, tests don't pass, but module works fine. And the tests should be fixed soon.

LISP (0.01) *

This module serves no practical purpose that I can think of. I once had plans to do something (IMO) interesting with it, but it is now highly unlikely that will ever happen, so don't hold your breath for v0.02. It is (so I've once been told) mildly interesting, and that is the only reason it still exists.