Reviews by Daniel Berger


Proc-ProcessTable (0.39) *****

The best cross-platform approach to getting process information. This is not parsed output, but an actual interface to the underlying OS C libs. All the popular platforms are supported, and even a few obscure ones.

The author is responsive, friendly and good about patching. He has also been very helpful in answering my questions when it came to porting his code to Ruby.

Oh, and don't let the author's own "BETA" status fool you - this module is definitely production level code.

Attempt (1.00) *****

The Attempt module adds Ruby's "retry" mechanism to Perl, and even manages to be slightly more convenient and flexible.

This module is especially convenient for DBI connections (which is also what the author uses in his examples), for those times when the connection briefly flakes out for various reasons.

An instant classic IMO.

Sex (0.69) *****

Great for hot, slutty Perl action. You may have more success nailing this API if Bone-Easy is used first. Be sure to use this in conjunction with Safe. May leave you with a dirty, used feeling afterwards.

Tie-IxHash (1.21) *****

If you need an ordered hash, this is the module for you. Very handy and well documented.

Want (0.07) *****

An excellent module that gives you much greater flexibility with regards to lvalue or rvalue context than core Perl does. This module can end the debate whether to return $self or a value - you can let context decide.

I deducted one point on "Ease of Use" because it crashes the debugger in some cases.

DBI (1.48) *****

Excellent module. Smart and responsive author. There's just no other choice when it comes to using Perl to interface with a database.

Net-SSH-Perl (1.23) *****

Great module. The only module to consider for using Perl together with secure shell. Ben clearly put a lot of effort into this.