Reviews by dirk


Moo (1.000004) **

I like the overall idea of Moo, but the author claims to try to support Moose compatibility where technically possible, but then creates arbitrary incompatibilities because of personal preference and not because of technical limitations. These are the direct quotes from the pod:

- "initializer is not supported in core since the author considers it to be a bad idea",

- "No support for super, override, inner, or augment - the author considers augment to be a bad idea",

- "default" only supports coderefs, because doing otherwise is usually a mistake anyway",

- "lazy_build is not supported; you are instead encouraged to use the is => 'lazy'",

- "auto_deref is not supported since the author considers it a bad idea."

IO-Barf (0.01) *

This module is useless. If you really need a tiny wrapper over opening a filehandle to write to, use File::Slurp.

BerkeleyDB (0.50) *

Can't install with CPAN tools without manual intervention. You either need to set environment variables or modify the config file to indicate the location of the installed headers and library. The Makefile.PL should do this automatically for the user by probing their system based off of the headers and libraries in the Config module.

Lingua-EN-AR (0.01) *

Storing a dictionary on CPAN is a terrible idea.

Sepia (0.992) *

Emacs 5uckz, v1m ru13z