Reviews by Joshua ben Jore


SVN-Dump (0.03) *****

This module just saved my bacon. I'd broken my SVK repository by using svndumpfilter to remove files. svndumpfilter had left all the properties about the removed files still in the repository and that had left the repository in an inconsistent state. I had to go in later and manually edit the dump file.

Viola! SVN::Dump was just the right tool to make editing that file spiffy. It's a million times better than trying to edit the dump file by han and a thousand times better than writing your own program to edit the dump file.

JavaScript-Squish (0.05) **

I was pleased to use JavaScript::Squish til I found that its comment parsing code didn't work on the code I was using. Bummer! I looked at the code to fix it up but it was too annoying to patch and I chucked it.