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Rapi-Fs (1.101)

Update: author has made changes, so this review no longer applies

Volution (0.0.2) *

Does absolutely nothing. Why is it on CPAN? Namespace squatting? It's pretty poor form uploading modules that have no functionality. Why not wait until it does something useful? Yet more detritus on CPAN

perl5i (v2.0.3) *****

Hey, Perl programmers. No need to feel sheepish around the hip languages any more. Experience the retro cool of Perl 5, along with the sane syntax supplied by autobox::core, Modern::Perl, DateTime, List::Util and more.

Would I add anything else? Well, since localtime, gmtime etc return DateTime objects, it'd be cool of the date functions in stat (like mtime) would too (instead of epochs)

CGI-Ajax (0.701) *****

I use CGI::Ajax with CGI::Application and have found it to be extremely useful, especially since in most instances it frees up developers from having to write any javascript at all. It also comes with plenty of examples in the “script” directory which illustrate solutions to typical real-world problems.

I guess my only reservation is that the generated javascript will appear in your HTML head tags. The javascript consists of two parts, standard CGI::Ajax output which will always be the same, and context-specific javascript which will link js functions to your perl subroutines. I’d like to have a flag in CGI::Ajax that allows you avoid outputing the standard js, as it can always be included in a separate .js file. Secondly, I’d like a method to just output the context-specific javascript, so that it too can be saved to a file. That way, the only things that need to be in your head tags are the references to the .js files.

If you wish to return multiple values from an external script (which is how I use CGI::Ajax), you need to return the results as a string, using the text ‘__pjx__’ as a delimiter between each value. This is documented, but is not given much prominence, so it’s easy to miss.

But the fact remains that this module enables you to write rich Ajax apps pretty quickly. Congrats to the authors