Reviews by David Mertens


Tiny-Tiny (0.002) *****

Works as documented. Fast and easy to install. Perfect for my needs!

To Justin: joke modules belong in Perl. :-)

GPIB (0_30)

I'll have to use this more before I can comment on how easy or difficult it is to use. Before I do that, I had some notes for others that I hope might help.

First, this will not automatically install GPIB bindings. Even if it compiles, you will have to update the tests, unless you happen to have the exact same hardware as that used in the test script. The Readme is thorough, but it is not directly copied into pod, so you should read it while you're trying to install the distribution. The pod will come in handy later, when you're trying to add devices.

I have a few notes for those trying to install this on a Windows machine running Strawberry Perl. This worked for my National Instruments 488.2 board, so if you have different hardware, your mileage may vary, but hopefully it will give you a good idea of where to go. After downloading the bindings using CPAN (get GPIB), you'll need to edit ni\Makefile.PL and add the following lines in the Win32 section:

# For GCC, make a copy of gpib-32.obj called gpib-32.o,

# so it has the name gcc expects.

use File::Copy;

copy ("$libpath\\gpib-32.obj", "$libpath\\gpib-32.o");

With this in place, the module should compile. The tests won't run, however, because they are meant to be edited. Just edit and add whatever tests you want. Once they all pass to your satisfaction, install it.