Reviews by Dave Cross


package (0.0037) *

Please remove this from CPAN. Having a package called "package" is going to break all sorts of things.

Sort-NoCase (0.23) *

So now he's gone and added an Acme::Sort::Nocase - together with Acme versions of a few more of his less-than-useful modules.

Without removing the offending "real" version.

If the author of the modules ever reads this, _please_ try to interact with the community a little bit before releasing modules.

Array-Reform (1.03) **

This module has been written by someone who doesn't have much idea of how Perl's module export mechanism works. The interface is therefore horribly confusing. Some of the major problems:

* It exports one of its functions (reform) on request, but all of the examlpes in the docs show it being called as a class method.

* Because the subroutines expect to be called as class methods they all expect a useless first parameter which is always ignored.

* The subroutines have prototypes. The author obviously doesn't realise that prototypes are ignored on method calls.

All in all the author has tried to be too clever with the interface and has failed badly. The obvious interface (optionally exporting the two subroutines and calling them as normal subroutines) would have been far simpler to understand and far more useful. Then you could even use prototypes as they were meant to be used to simulate the behaviour of built-ins like "push" and "shift".

This is a potentially useful module rendered almost unuseable by a poor interface.

xsub (1.0) *

It may well be true that this module is useful, but it's impossible to know as it has no documentation other than this line in the README - "lightweight replacement for .xs files, similar to Inline::C". That's it. That's the whole documentation set for the module. How is anyone supposed to use it based on that? Also, it has no tests and it uses a "pragmatic" (i.e. lower case) name. This is the kind of distribution that shouldn't be on CPAN in my opinion.