Reviews by darren chamberlain


CGI-Application (3.31) *****

I recently had a need to build a complex, multi-mode CGI application,
and almost started from scratch until I remembered this module. Well
done, complete documentation, clean integration with HTML::Template
(or Template toolkit, with CGI::Application::Plugin::TT), and useful
examples, this module is an excellent example of what all CPAN
authors should strive to produce.

Class::DBI::AbstractSearch / Class-DBI-AbstractSearch (0.05) *****

This module is absolutely is indispensible when using Class::DBI.

Email::Simple / Email-Simple (1.9) *****

Email::Simple is as the name describes: a simple way to do email.
I personally find RFC822-style metadata (name: value pairs) to be
a very useful way to store and manage data, so I use it for much
more than simply email; therefore, I find myself using Email::Simple
for many things that have nothing to do with email. The
straight-forward interface that Email::Simple provides, along with
its speed and flexibility, means that I don't need to do anything
silly to use this module for things other than email. When
combined with File::Slurp, parsing email-ish files can be done in
a single statement.

SQL-Abstract (1.17) ****

This is one of my favorite modules; I use it all the time. There are
some quirks with how it works, but I think they are mostly because
SQL can get very hairy very quickly. Fortunately, SQL::Abstract
provides you with an escape route: The ability to use raw SQL for
the parts that are hard to do abstractly, while still keeping the
benefits of the abstraction.

SQL-Translator (0.06) *****

Although I'm biased (I work on this project), I think this is a great
piece of software: Very useful, very featureful, and fairly complete.

GnuPG (0.09) ****

I've used this for a few projects, including a (currently unreleased)
curses-based PGP key manager, and it's very powerful and very simple
to use.

Net::Delicious / Net-Delicious (0.91) ****

This is a fabulous, and simple, way to access

Mail-Sendmail (0.79) *****

Simple, powerful, and monolithic, Mail::Sendmail has become my mail
module of choice. One of the first modules I install when I build
a new Perl.

Module-Signature (0.41) ****

This is a great module, and is especially useful when coupled with
the signature.t recommened in the documentation.

URI::Find / URI-Find (0.13) ****

This very useful module is ideal for extracting URIs from plain text.
I liked the old interface a little better than the new one, though.

Time::ParseDate / Time-modules (2003.1126) *****

Time::ParseDate is one of those modules that I simply cannot live

DBD-SQLite (1.06) ****

This is one of my favorite modules, not only for prototyping database
applications but also for general purpose single-user applications.
I have a large collection of small tools built upon sqlite that I
rely on all the time.