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Math::BaseCalc / Math-BaseCalc (1.011) *****

This module is excellent. It does what it says it does simply and well, and doesn't do anything else.

POE::Component::IRC / POE-Component-IRC (2.9) *****

This component is a very handy abstraction of one of the more bizarre internet protocols in existence. The component itself is very easy to get started with, particularly for those with some experience as IRC users. The framework is slightly disadvantaged when it comes to creating handlers for some of the more obscure response events, but the blame there lies almost entirely with the RFC spec, and the component's facility for handling these responses is present, it just took some getting used to.

WWW-Mechanize (0.57) *****

WWW::Mechanize is a great example of a well-thought out abstraction layer over a more abstruse module set. It's potential uses are manifold, and is quite easy to implement