Reviews by Piotr Roszatycki


Dist-Zilla (5.011) **

Dist::Zilla makes live easier for original author and hell for all others who want to contribute changes or just simply clone the git repository and update packages from the latest source.


$ cpanm git://
Cloning git:// ... OK
--> Working on git://
Configuring /tmp/HzDK1bjyWh ... N/A
! The distribution doesn't have a proper Makefile.PL/Build.PL See /home/user/.cpanm/work/1389790625.12074/build.log for details.

It makes Dist::Zilla broken as design and I strongly advise against using Dist::Zilla on GitHub and other public repositories.

More quotes against Dist::Zilla:

"That's why I stopped contributing to padre after two days wasting my time to distzilla caused problems."

"There have been times when i have intended to submit a patch and then decided not to for that reason."

"Git repositories of distzilla based packages are not usable for rpm packaging."

Language-P (0.01_03) *****

Perl compiler and runtime written purely in Perl. Amazing job! We are one step closer to run Perl language on Parrot, JVM, CLR or LLVM.

It is just a propotype yet, but still very promising and gives much fun.

Symbol-Util (0.0202)

The stash function is the least important thing in this module and giving one star because you don't like one function of whole set is just annoying.

Even that, using this function improves clearity for code. The Perl symbols table is directly accessible with typeglob prefix but it can be difficult to read and problematic if strict mode is used. Also the access to stash, glob and one of its slot have different syntax notation.

The Symbol::Util allows to manipulate separate slots of glob without destroying the content of another slots. So you can i.e. delete or hide the CODE without deleting SCALAR slot.

This module also allows to export some symbols between 3rd party packages and clean these symbols later. It is something like Exported mixed with namespace::clean.