Reviews by Curtis Jewell


WWW-Google-CustomSearch (0.05) *****

Good module for what it does.

App-moduleswhere (0.02) *****

Other than the fact that, IIRC, pmtools wouldn't install for me on Windows. (I should lay down a bug number for it.)

Test-Harness (3.22) *****

I'd like to know what version of tar (probably an ancient one) that the last poster was using, because 3.21 and 3.22 both extract correctly, with paths. If there IS an option that needs to be used in order to compensate for this ancient tar, we (perl module maintainers in general) need to know about it.

And of course, this is a VERY good module. Kepp it up, AndyA!

bw-db (1.1.1) *

Same here. I don't rate when I answer reviews on my own modules! It's just not done.

makepatch (2.04) *****

And I think the EOL problems were fixed (or maybe it's that I generate patches on Win32 to use on Win32, so they don't apply.)

At any rate, very good program.

IO-Moose (0.1004) *****

D5-I4-E5, overall 5

The module is well-written and a good extension to the IO:: series.

(and yes, I use the IO:: series. If this let you plug in your own extension object scheme, [I use Exception::Class, myself], I'd use it in a heartbeat!)

Test-Fixme (0.04) ****

VERY good module. I'm adding it to my own tests.

The only thing keeping it from being a 5 across the board (it's currently all 5's except for a 4 overall) is that it relies on a module (File::Finder) that uses unguarded getpwent and getgrent calls. [Those calls are not available on every system Perl runs on, for example, Win32...] It doesn't affect this module, but choosing File::Find::Rule or something else instead would be a nice touch.

Moose-Tiny (0.04) ****

I see this module as useful, not really Acme, although it is funny, too.

The name could be better, (Moose::ObjectTiny::Migration?) but if you're migrating from Object::Tiny to Moose, this module is useful "in the middle" at least.

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) ****

It could save space by doing what BKB does upon install. Other than that, good module.

I could wish for a Religion::LDS::* module or modules along the same line, but knowing that, I'm not going to complain about this one actually being complete, working, and on CPAN!

UNIVERSAL-implant (0.01_01)

Maybe the bottom rating should be "What documentation?"

I will admit that the native language may not be English, but explaining what Class::Implant does and why I should use this module that puts a gripping hand onto EVERYTHING (because it's a UNIVERSAL module) would be a good idea, please.

And interface got only 2 stars because it IS a UNIVERSAL module. UNIVERSAL modules automatically get 3 stars taken off.

Edit: Yeah, I was a little harsh for a first release. But I would still think VERY carefully before using this module as opposed to Class::Implant, as I would want to know exactly where any odd (basically, anything not in core) subroutines are coming from when I see them by doing:

require Class::Implant;

Class::Implant::implant ...;

base (2.14) *****

What about those people who already have enough modules to rely on already and don't want to install 'parent'? It works.

Locale-Country-Multilingual (0.23)

It looks like it does what it does badly, but it does it quite well otherwise.

One question for the author: You use Module::Install as your builder, why aren't you 'install_share'-ing all those data files? The pairing of Module::Install and File::ShareDir to get at data files is one of the big advantages of using Module::Install as opposed to M::B or EU::MM.

CPANPLUS (0.84) ****

Why bother?

Because it can do things that CPAN does not.

For example, I can install a distribution on disk extremely easily using CPANPLUS. "cpanp install file:///c:\MyDist-1.01_01.tar.gz" does it for me in one step. Useful when installing a dist on a virtual machine.

I don't see how to do that using the CPAN.

Yes, it can be improved, and should be. But it's very good as is!

PathTools (3.29) *****

This distribution has a very good function-oriented interface in File::Spec::Functions, and I use that heavily.