Reviews by Chris Burbridge


Image-Info (1.20) *****

Wow! How helpful it was to discover that this existed, when I needed to apply pixel height and width data to thousands of images referenced in an XML file! It handles lots of data formats, including the three I needed. It was very simple to use.

XML-Twig (3.23) ****

This is a great module, that I have been using extensively for several years. It is very reliable, a great way to manage lots of XML through Perl reliably.

Once in a while, I have had a mysterious error - I think most or all of these are because XML::Twig is built on top of a more basic XML module that is returning these errors. But it has not been a major problem.

There are a few more utility funcions I would like, such as an unwrap method. (I subsequently realized that the erase() method is that very thing--I think unwrap() would be a better name. ;-)

Honestly, Perl + XML::Twig is a much faster way to transform lots of XML quickly than using XSLT.