Reviews by colin murtaugh


version (0.50) *

Since this uses Module::Build instead of the standard MakeMaker packaging, prepare yourself for major headaches if you need to specify an alternate install PREFIX. This also means you can't install into an alternate location via the CPAN shell.

Module-Build (0.2611) *

What a nightmare. Lack of PREFIX support makes it hard (impossible?) to install modules via CPAN.

The docs indicate that I can specify an alternate install location by supplying --install_path parameters to the Build.PL script. In theory, this means I could :

perl Build.PL --install_path lib=/some/place
./Build test
./Build install

Presumably, libs would be installed under /some/place, but no! The --install_path param has no effect on the install process!

Instead, you have to change the last step to:
./Build install --install_path lib=/some/place

Devel-Diagram (1.00) *

Too bad this doesn't work -- when it generates the XML representation of my module's methods, it skips many of them.