Reviews by Chankey Pathak



WebService-Validator-HTML-W3C (0.28) ****

A good tool to validate your files using w3c validator. Take care of one thing that you should get a local copy of w3c validator otherwise if you process multiple files using this module then your IP may get blocked by w3c. This has happened with me.

HTML-Restrict (1.0.4) ***

Nice module. I used it to clean out the style elements from 100+ HTML files and it worked like a charm, just add rules in %rules and you're done :)

WebService-NotifyMyAndroid (v0.0.2) **

Nice module

Time-modules (2011.0517) ****

Very nice module. Thanks for this :)

Spreadsheet-WriteExcel (2.37) ****

This is just too good. We use this in our company's product and it's very helpful for dealing with excel files. Thanks to the author :)