Reviews by Chankey Pathak


Text-SpellChecker (0.14) ****

First of all thanks to the author of this module. I had to make spellchecker for TinyMCE, I sent a post request from TinyMCE along with the editor content to server and on server side this module provided the incorrect words with suggestions, added some jQuery events and it was done.

It's really a great module and it's very easy to use.

Had to email author regarding some things and he solved the issues which I mentioned.

WebService-Validator-HTML-W3C (0.28) ****

A good tool to validate your files using w3c validator. Take care of one thing that you should get a local copy of w3c validator otherwise if you process multiple files using this module then your IP may get blocked by w3c. This has happened with me.

HTML-Restrict (1.0.4) ***

Nice module. I used it to clean out the style elements from 100+ HTML files and it worked like a charm, just add rules in %rules and you're done :)

WebService-NotifyMyAndroid (v0.0.2) **

Nice module

Time-modules (2011.0517) ****

Very nice module. Thanks for this :)

Spreadsheet-WriteExcel (2.37) ****

This is just too good. We use this in our company's product and it's very helpful for dealing with excel files. Thanks to the author :)