Reviews by Brian Szymanski


WebService-NetSuite (0.04) ***

This seems a lot easier than playing around with SOAP::Lite - I just wish there were more test cases and examples.

Path-Iterator-Rule (1.008)

Exactly what you need to iterate over an arbitrary subset of files down a path when you have too many to slurp into memory via perl's builtins.

Alien-SmokeQt ( *****

enables perlqt4 to work, that alone deserves 5 or more stars.

Proc-Exists (1.00)

A fast, cross-platform (including win32) way to check for process existence.

Const-Fast (0.011) *****

Very fast, does 90% of what we want it to do (subject to limitations in perl which are documented). Further, the author responded to a bug I filed in RT within 24 hours. Kudos.