Reviews by Brad


Object-Nano (0.001)

Thanks, Blue. At least I didn't just get 'lame' like the majority of your other reviews. You see, the thing I like about CPAN is the same thing I like about Linux: choice. You can call it "reinventing the wheel", but it still performs differently, and may contain more useful features or speed increase in future releases. Why would I want to be locked down to the same module if another may benefit elsewhere? Two superstores may sell the same product, but you might like the taste of the products from a specific one.

Also, ratings are for Documentation, Interface, Ease of Use and Overall.. next time you want to leave just a comment about a module, try undef. Thanks.

App-cpanoutdated (0.20) *****

I love this. I upgraded my Catalyst and after that my project wouldn't start. So I decided to try upgrading everything.. piping cpan-outdated to cpanm (App::cpanminus) did all the work for me! Seriously.. cpan-outdated | cpanm --sudo -n (-n if you just don't care about working modules but like speed), go make yourself a burrito, come back and voila! Everything worked after that. A huge thanks to the author for this amazing module.

Perldoc-Server (0.10) *****

Amazing. I have nicely formatted pod for my installed modules all in the one place, and hosted locally on my own machine. There is also references and manuals in case I have Perl-writers block and forget how to do something. Perldoc::Server is a spitting image of so getting to know the interface is already known to me.
Installing it was a breeze with App::cpanminus and it fired up with no problems at all. Navigating your modules is easy.. just click on the letter it begins with and choose the module you want to display the pod for. Simple.
It's modules/apps like this that remind me why I love Perl.